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ter Hürne decor panels: quality in the detail

ter Hürne’s decor panels are equally light-fast and particularly suited for wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. A top quality MDF base board ensures dimensional stability and precision installation. The special multi-print process creates the impression of wonderful depth and brilliance exuded by ter Hürne decors. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly; none of the materials used contains PVC, chlorine or wood preservatives. ter Hürne panels are regularly inspected and subjected to all necessary quality tests by eco-Institut in Cologne. To give you the assurance that ter Hürne products are the healthy choice.

With a few simple steps you can create a stylish ambience without wallpapering, sanding or painting, and as additional benefit they camouflage small cracks (settlement crack) and have an insulating effect.



made in Germany (Decor panels)

ter Hürne is a brand that guarantees unique design and top quality materials, which are processed with great care. Craftsmanship combined with state of the art manufacturing technology guarantee beautiful, practical and safe products – and long-term enjoyment. As an innovative provider of panel designs, ter Hürne is synonymous with brand name quality through and through - and has been for many years. Material and design expertise form the basis for products of the highest quality, right down to the very last detail.

ter Hürne decor panels are "Made in Germany", with most significant standards as regards quality, aesthetics and a healthy home environment.


Healthy living

The dimensionally stable base boards made of top quality MDF are guaranteed free of PVC, chlorine and wood preservatives and are E1 tested.



The deocr panels by ter Hürne are encased in the decor paper and comply with the light-fast standard, being tested to wool scale level 6. The surfaces of the decor paper can be damp wiped and are highly scratch resistant, which also means that the panels are easy to care for, especially in heavily used areas. Some decors even have a surface you can feel - thanks to the structured surfaces.