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The versatility of our decor panels at a glance!

Here you see the creative design possibilities and flexible areas of application of our decor panels at a glance.

ter Hürne offers finishing trims colour-matched to all decor panels. They complete  the overall interior design and create a perfect transition to the wall.

1. Loft conversions

Decor panels are excellently suited for loft conversions. With a few simple steps you can create a stylish ambience without wallpapering, sanding or painting, and as additional benefit they camouflage small cracks and have an insulating effect.

  • Folding angle moulding (1):

2. Lounge

Decor panels can clad entire rooms, but they also create a homely flair in individual areas. For example, to convert a small corner or niche into a relaxing lounge.

  • Falzleiste (2):

  •   Concave moulding (2):

3. Swedish style

Step through the door and feel like you are  in Sweden! Install the decor panels on the lower half of  the wall - this creates cosiness and a Scandinavian  ambience..

  • Folding angle moulding (3):

  • Rebate moulding (3):

4. Ceiling design

Put your room in the limelight! To create sympathetic lighting effects, ter Hürne offers LED lamps that can be easily mounted thanks to a simple connector system and  their low installation height.

  • Ceiling cover moulding (4):

  •  LED-Downlight (4):

5. Bathroom

The high quality base board material is suitable for installation of the decor panels in wet rooms, away from splash areas. They are perfectly suited for applications in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Mitre cover moulding (5):

Tip: Floors & skirtings

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