ter Hürne - unique as life itself

Cladding of existing stairs

The ter Hürne step and stair system does not fulfil any load-bearing function. The load-bearing function is performed by the load-bearing substrate e.g . concrete or timber stair.

  • All stair nosing dimensions are fixed dimensions and must be individually adapted on site.
  • The first step is to remove any existing floor finishes including filling compound or adhesive residues.
  • If the old timber stair creaks, the old treads must be screwed to the old risers with suitable screws before installation.
  • Allow a gap of approx. 1 mm between the wall or stringer.
  • The joint must then be sealed
  • Lay the treads on a full bed of PU adhesive with a toothed spatula. (Our recommendation: SikaBond -54 timber floor adhesive).
  • Press down the new treads and fix using small wooden wedges
  • The risers can also be partially bonded with standard assembly adhesives.
  • The last steps can be seamlessly continued into the floor area with existing CLICKitEASY long edges, if the floor surface is also to be bonded to the substrate. If not, an expansion joint must be provided.