ter Hürne - unique as life itself

Phthalatefree thanks to the power of the soya bean

Clean, uncontaminated indoorair is more than ever vital for health, well-being and a high quality of life. As manufacturers of products for interior design we have a responsibility for healthy living which we fulfil conscientiously and transparently.

Plasticisers are necessary to give a vinyl floor its elasticity. We use plasticisers obtained from soya beans, and are thus are perfectly safe from an environmental health point of view and which are even used in the food industry. The use of bio-based plasticisers means that ter Hürne luxury vinyl tiles are free from phthalates. The selection of sustainable raw materials distinguishes ter Hürne luxury vinyl tiles from conventional vinyl flooring.

A new floor covering stays with us for many years – choosing a ter Hürne floor covering is also always a choice for healthy living and the environment.