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Warranty Luxury Vinyl Tiles

ter Hürne quality guarantees Luxury Vinyl Tiles for 20 years.


Healthy living

Plasticisers are necessary to give a vinyl floor its elasticity. We use plasticisers obtained from soya beans, and are thus are perfectly safe from an environmental health point of view and which are even used in the food industry. The use of bio-based plasticisers means that ter Hürne luxury vinyl tiles are free from phthalates. The selection of sustainable raw materials distinguishes ter Hürne luxury vinyl tiles from conventional vinyl flooring.




The patented CLICKitEASY connection with the ingenious door-lock principle truly lives up to its name: click the top edges of the planks together with gentle pressure, and the CLICKitEASY spring locks the planks securely and easily like a door lock.

Installing CLICKitEASY brings genuine advantages:

  • Particularly convenient and simple assembly
  • Extremely quick and clean installation
  • Installation without any hammers or tapping block
  • No material damage
  • Strong connections at the top and longitudinal edges
  • Easy removal, should it ever prove necessary

Watch a demonstration video of the CLICKitEASY (5G) technology.


Underfloor heating system

All floors made by ter Hürne are suitable for installation on warm water underfloor heating systems. Please follow the information provided in our installation instructions.