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Latest interior trends

Multicolor – Atmospheric interplay of colours

Multicoloured floor coverings are one of the current trends in residential and commercial spaces. The designs of these multicoloured floors range from striking multistrips to planks in various colours. All versions version share one thing in common – they make a great impression with their diff‘erent features and the overall e‘ffect is unusual and individual.

Apart from the colour, the impression of uniqueness is further
emphasised through the combination of wood species and surface structure of these designs. Fantasy patterns and ornaments can also be added as an additional style element, as exemplified by our understated on trend Vancouver grey oak decor.

When developing our Multicolor designs, we make sure that the various colours and materials are combined in a harmonious and visually appealing way. That is a feature of ter Hürne luxury vinyl tiles.

Herringbone – A classic reinterpreted

With two new herringbone patterns we have breathed new life into this classic installation pattern.

The individual staves in our herringbone decors are laid at an angle of 45°, creating a particularly elegant eff‘ect, especially in large rooms. A real eye-catcher with a unique interplay of light and shade.

Our designs are based on historic floors, in which we have deliberately adopted the hand-crafted look. Slightly imprecise transitions are deliberately included in the decor image, which add to the charm of this vinyl flooring.

Stone Medina grey – A different sort of tile

Stone Medina grey is based on a slightly banded limestone with a warm grey colour that creates a feeling of comfort and elegance. It is the perfect all-rounder for almost every residential situation.

It is available in two versions: in tile format and also as a plank. That also off‘ers several opportunities for creating really eye-catching floors. A stone surface in a classic timber floor board format draws attention to the floor and highlights individuality of taste. Both tile and plank formats can also be combined to form various laying patterns.

Stone decors – Luxury vinyl flooring with class

Stone-Choice is one of the highlights in our luxury vinyl tile range. You can choose your favourites from ten different stone effects. It ranges from warm cream and beige tones to bolder and darker shades and includes classic rocks like sandstone, marble and granite – all perfectly recreated from nature and combined with the practical benefits of a vinyl floor.

An impressive aspect of our tiles is their format. At around 900 x 450 mm (depending on the version), we o er an extra large format that creates a sense of generosity and width in the room.

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