ter Hürne - unique as life itself

Laminate: Enjoy the moods

Floor design leaves no room for compromise, and why should it? ter Hürne laminate is synonymous with brand name quality with the highest standards,current designs and such a perfect look that it makes laminate visually indistinguishable from parquet.

All you need to do is find the floor that is just right for you in our laminate decors. You can choose from a large number of different colours as well as  very different formats to suit you and your needs exactly. All our products are divided into emotional colour worlds; each of which reflects its own mood. Whether Nordic, cheerful, sensual, superior or urban, each laminate floor designed by ter Hürne is based on a very specific idea. From a perfect reproduction of nature to an expressive interpretation of the same.

Our home is a reflection of our attitude to life and our lifestyle. We cannot sit back and enjoy everything unless we feel comfortable. Create your own oasis, a cosy haven brimming with vitality. Come in and simply enjoy the moods. Find your mood and, above all: enjoy it.