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Product construction

Engineered parquet is characterized by its basic three-layer structure. The species of wood used for the surface describes the material of the wear layer. The middle layer and stabilizing layer help to support the planks and give them a high level of durability.


Fire protection class

A selection of our engineered hardwood flooring is certified fire protection
class Cfl-s1. Please contact us if you require further information.

Real wood wear layer

Ter Hürne uses solid wood from selected German and European suppliers for the wear layer.


Middle layer

Ter Hürne uses a middle layer made from transverse solid pine wood strips for planks and strip floors. The special gluing method provides extremely good stability. In order to give the top connections the best possible fit and stability, special top pieces made from MDF are used.


Stabilising layer

The stabilising layer is used to stabilise the structure, is warp resistant and also helps prevent moisture ingress.