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ter Hürne Engineered parquet floors: quality in detail

The particular charisma of the woods, their surfaces and colours are the most visible signs of the quality standards of ter Hürne. Apart from the visual impressions, our products possess numerous properties that make their installation, use and care much easier – and give them a long service life and greatest possible level of comfort.

Herringbone and System Plank formats have the tongue and groove Pro connection system – these products must be glued down to the subfloor.


The patented CLICKitEASY connection with the ingenious door-lock principle truly lives up to its name: click the top edges of the planks together with gentle pressure, and the CLICKitEASY spring locks the planks securely and easily like a door lock.

Installing CLICKitEASY brings genuine advantages:

  • Particularly convenient and simple assembly
  • Extremely quick and clean installation
  • Installation without any hammers or tapping block
  • No material damage
  • Strong connections at the top and longitudinal edges
  • Easy removal, should it ever prove necessary