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Installation videos - Floor installation guide

floating installation with CLICKitEASY (PARQUET)

1. Preparation and suitability check

PARQUET | MULTISENSE-FLOOR | Luxury Vinyl Tiles on HDF baseboard | LAMINATE

Preparation and suitability check (chapter 1 - movie 1) 

What you must check before installing. In addition to the installation instructions we have summarized a few tips for you.







Installation (chapter 2 - movie 1) 

The most important rules for a floating installation of parquet with CLICKitEASY.






Removing flooring

Installation | Removal with CLICKitEASY (chapter 2 - movie 4) 

With the example of parquet, we show you how to remove a board.






Finishes with profiles

Finishes (chapter 4 - movie 1) | Doors profiles

Tips and tricks for installing with profiles at doorways and door frames






Last row of planks

Installation (chapter 4 - movie 2) - with skirtings

Preparing and cutting the last row of planks with skirting






Finishes - radiators

Installation (chapter 4 - movie 3) - radiators

What you must pay attention to when installing at central heating pipes.