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Showing character

Herringbone – Engineered Hardwood Flooring in majestic dimensions

Herringbone parquet is the epitome of classic parquet flooring and evokes associationsof magnificent residences radiating an aura of luxury.

The distinctive herringbone installation pattern creates an exclusive look and a feeling of well-being that transforms both apartments in period buildings and new builds into stylish homes.The ter Hürne herringbone parquet is characterised by its imposing dimensions of 1082 x 162 x 12 mm, which makes it possible to create a stately installation pattern. The planks can be installed either in a single or double herringbone pattern enabling design flexibility.

Double herringbone
Single herringbone

System plank – Unlimited possibilities in floor design

The installation pattern is an important factor in determining both the character of the floor and the effect of a room. With their compact dimensions of 972 x 162 x 12 mm, ter Hürne system planks offer many different installation patterns, from the classic basket weave to modern combinations.

The basket weave or chequer pattern is a timeless classic. It is one of theoldest ways of laying engineered hardwood flooring and can often befound in -castles and stately villas. In this pattern the individual staves arearranged in squares whose direction changes by 90° in each succeedingsquare. The floor may also shown to good advantage by framing it with a4-sided border.

Offset basket weave
Basket weave
„Triple herringbone with border

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