ter Hürne - unique as life itself

High-tech for the eyes

Unlike other types of flooring, the decor image of the Avatara Design Floor 3.0 is digitally printed directly on to the baseboard, which has first undergone several preparation stages including micro-levelling, primer and base coats. Digital printing in high definition quality enables a significantly more precise printed image with numerous different dot sizes and more than a million colours. The result is a significantly more accurate representation of the original compared to laminate or vinyl floors, where the image is printed on a separate paper and then pressed into the core.

This is how Avatara Design Floor 3.0 gets its naturally authentic appearance that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

When the hand feels what the eye sees

Selected decors have a synchronous surface structure which is applied to the digital print by a newly developed technology. The latest laser technology is used for printing the decor; raised and recessed patterns are printed synchronously and with micrometer precision into MultiSense polymer layer while it is still fluid These are then cured with UV light in the blink of an eye.